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Overview of Services

FlowCore - MHTP Node is a service based technology platform, specialising in analysis and cell sorting through flow cytometry. The facility is consists of two user-operated flow cytometers that are utilised for analysis only, andtwo  staff-operated high speed cell. FlowCore – MHTP provides a subsidised fee structure for all researchers at the Hudson Institute and Monash University at the Monash Medical Centre campus. Our equipment provides robust features for implementing complex multicolor experiments. Across very instrument in our facility's repertoire is equipped to cover all major laser lines 355nm/405nm/488nm/561nm/640nm).  All high speed cell sorters can be configured with 70, 85 and 100µm nozzles, or in some applications a 50 or 140um nozzle and are capable of sorting up to four subsets simultaneously. One of our cell sorters can safely process samples within custom built Class II biosafety cabinets. Currently staffed by one Manager and aided by FlowCore Central's  staff of  five scientists with more than fifty years combined experience in analytical cytometry, FlowCore is truly a world-class flow cytometry core facility.


Provisions for staff assistance, data analysis and training

  • Staff Assistance:
    • Dedicated operator assistance is provided only for the cell sorting flow cytometers. Qualified researchers will be expected to operate the analytical flow cytometers independently following a free requisite training course. If you need help, just ask. During regular business hours, staff members are happy to provide advice or assistance as needed. Please be mindful that our first priority is to provide service for our clients in the cell sorting laboratory. Thank you for your patience as we endeavour to provide assistance as quickly as it is reasonably possible.
  • Post-acquisition data analysis:
    • FlowCore staff are happy to assist our clients with the analysis of their acquired data using FlowJo analysis software. Please be advised that FlowCore staff do not have the expertise or time to provide advanced training or extended assistance. As time permits, we can provide rudimentary guidance and brief intervals of assistance to clients who are using the FlowJo software application. For clients who prefer to use the FlowJo software on their own computers, FlowCore offers a subsidised lease program. Please contact Kathryn Flanagan for licensing details.


Education – Standard Training Provisions

  • FlowCore's Requisite Training Course - Please refer to the above section on training and staff assistance for a brief outline of FlowCore's provisions for training clients in the use of our analytical instruments. Our two hour requisite course provides a basic understanding of how flow cytometers work, how this impacts experimental design, what controls you will need and what to expect from your data. Users will also recieve an overview of the BDBioscience FACS Diva data acquisition software application. Additionally this course will include specific instructions on relevant policies for instrument usage during and after regular business hours. Participants are encouraged to bring a limited number of experimental samples that can be evaluated for educational purposes during this session.
  • FlowCore's Educational Resources - The FlowCore website contains a wealth of information designed to educate our user base and pepare them for their first experiments. Relevant pages on our website include a virtual tour of our facility, training for our analysers, a user guide to your first sort, a FAQs page, and a page full of useful links to supplementary educational material.
    • Scientists who are new to flow cytometry and eager to learn the fundamentals would be well served by reading Alice Givan's excellent book entitled "Flow Cytometry: First Principles". This book assumes no prior knowledge of flow cytometry and progresses with an easy reading and engaging style from simple to more complex concepts. This book is available through the Wiley Online Library, at the campus library, otherwise FlowCore maintains severals copies that are available for temporary loan.



FlowCore is run by four dedicated full-time staff with more then 20 years combined experience in flow cytometry.  Services provided by our staff include operation of the sorters, provision of training and assistance for the analysers and consultation for researchers requiring help with experimental design.

  • Michael Thomson | FlowCore-MHTP Facility Manager
  • Andrew Fryga | FlowCore Manager

General contact details 

  • See our website
  • Phone: +61 (3) 8572 2494
  • Email: enquiries@flowcore.com.au


Name Role Phone Email Location
Michael Thomson
Facility Manager
+61 3 857 22494
Room 4R.50