Monash Metabolic Phenotyping Platform

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Established in 2016, the Metabolic Phenotyping Platform provides Monash researchers, as well as academic and commercial organisations, with access to experts, technologies and techniques to perform the highest quality in vivo metabolic phenotyping procedures. We offer a broad range of procedures for full metabolic characterisation across many physiological conditions. Our standardised methods for in vivo testing are in line with world leading centres, allowing for high-throughput metabolic phenotyping procedures to fast-track research outcomes. Key services and instrumentation include body composition analysis, non-invasive metabolic monitoring, food and liquid intake monitoring, first line phenotyping, surgical procedures, and gold standard metabolic phenotyping.



Professor Tony Tiganis

Phone: +61 3 9902 9332




Joel Eliades


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Facility Hours: 24/7

Staff Hours: Monday- Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm*

*Can vary as required 

23 Innovation Walk

Monash University

Clayton, VIC 3800



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Joel Eliades
Facility Manager
+61 3 990 51653


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