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Monash Biomedical Proteomics Facility

Overview of Services

We provide a number of different services, which belong to these areas of expertise

  1. Proteomics
  2. Metabolomics
  3. Lipidomics
  4. N-terminal sequencing

Please visit our website for detailed information about all services.


Please note that only N-terminal sequencing and basic proteomics services can be requested though iLab: click here to lodge a request.

For all other inquiries, please contact Dr. Ralf Schittenhelm.



Ralf Schittenhelm | Director | 03 990 54324 |

David Steer | Manager | 03 990 29323 |


Location and hours of operation

Location  Hours

15 Innovation Walk,

Clayton, VIC, 3800


 8 am-5 pm


Links and Resources

  1. Monash Biomedical Proteomics Facility Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Ralf Schittenhelm
Facility Director
Clayton, 15 Innovation Walk
David Steer
Facility Manager
Clayton, 15 Innovation Walk
Shane Reeve
Sequencing Manager
Clayton, 15 Innovation Walk