Monash Animal Research Platform

Overview of Services

The Monash Animal Research Platform (MARP) provides laboratory animal services from several facilities across the Clayton and Parkville campuses and at the Gippsland Field Station. MARP supports approved research projects through high quality supply and care of laboratory animals. We are specialised in rodent supply and reproduction, customised breeding programs and management of the non-human primate facility.

Mission statement: To achieve excellence in the support of biomedical research by the provision of world standard laboratory animal services, following best practice in animal care'. 

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Video tutorial - Requesting for Animal via an Approved Source (0:06:33)

PQMS3-MARP-SOP-0542  iLab Requesting MARP's Products or Services

Video tutorial - Requesting for Animal via a Non-Approved Source (0:05:04)

PQMS3-MARP-SOP-0569 iLab registration and MARP access

Video tutorial - Requesting for a Technical Services Request (0:04:23)

Full strain listing for Approved Sources


 Christine Findlay

Tanya  Lennane

Veterinarian Team

Leah Baldock


MARP Feedback/Resolution

 General Manager

Operations Manager


Finance Manager – Core Services

 Rodent Facilities


Animal Research Laboratory

Experimental Animal Facility

Rodent Breeding Facility

Large Animal Facility

Monash Medical Centre

Pharmacy Pharmaceuticals Sciences


Building 77 Clayton Campus

Building 41D Clayton Campus

Building 41E Clayton Campus

Building 13F Clayton Campus

Clayton Road, MMC

Royal Parade, Parkville Campus


Liliana Jackanic

Cherelle Baldock

Nicole Yates

Cherelle Baldock

Monika Generowicz

Charlene Attard


MARP Manager ARL

MARP Manager EAF

MARP Manager RBF

MARP Manager LAF-13

 Large Animal Facilities


Large Animal Facility

Gippsland Field Station


Building 41D Clayton Campus

Gippsland Campus


Steve Comber

Graham Shillito


MARP Manager LAF-41

MARP Manager GFS

Location and hours of operation 

Hours Location



The facility is staffed all week, including weekends 

MARP Head Office

13 Scenic Blvd, Building 41, Clayton



Name Role Phone Email Location
MARP Client Services Unit

+61 3 990 20220
Head Office | 13 Scenic Blvd, Building 41 Clayton Campus