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Monash Biomedical Imaging

Overview of Services


Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI) is a world-class biomedical imaging research platform that undertakes interdisciplinary and multi-modal imaging, as well as research training and imaging technology development. Facilities include clinical and pre-clinical 3T MRI (Siemens Skyra), a full suite of clinical testing facilities including EEG, trans cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), ocular-motor.

Pre-clinical instruments including a 9.4T MRI (Bruker), PET-SPECT-CT (Siemens Inveon) and Vevo 2100 Ultrasond (VisualSonics). Additionally, we manage access to a pre-clinical PET-CT scanner (Mediso) located at AMREP (Alfred Hospital Campus, Prahran) and FLECT and CT scanners (TriFoil) located at the Monash Institute for Pharamacological Sciences (MIPS, Parkville).

Location and hours of operation

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Monday -Friday                         



770 Blackburn Road, Clayton

Victoria 3800

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MBI Manager


Lisa Hutton
General Manager
(03) 9902 9782