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Mission statement Monash Protein Production Unit (MPPU) is committed to providing both internal and external clients with a service of the highest quality. The team of scientists use state-of-the-art technology and standard operating procedures to deliver successful protein expression and purification services. In consultation with the customer we aim to understand the exact needs, provide advice on best approaches and aim to have transparency in all processes. We strive for excellence through all stages of individual projects whether they are internal researcher led, or industry/biotechnology contract based work. We maintain open communication on timelines and costs and have implemented a quality system appropriate to our activities; this enabled the highest level of quality, confidence and satisfaction and ensuring research excellence. Services The core service at MPPU is to generate high quality protein to the customers’ specifications wherever possible. We have a unique range of reagents, resources and skill sets for expression of proteins in yeast, E. coli, insect or mammalian cell lines and for the optimisation of expression yields. MPPU also offers advice and downstream purification services for both “tagged” and endogenous proteins of the highest purity. A range of additional tests for protein concentration, interactions, and endotoxin testing services are also available.


Our purpose is to express and purify proteins for Monash researchers to enable their scientific discoveries to be accelerated. We offer expertise in cloning, vector construct development, screening of numerous expression systems, and a number of highly skilled purification techniques for both tagged and non-tagged proteins. In this way, we are able to identify the best and optimal conditions for protein expression of individual target proteins. We also are able to purify native proteins from animal sources if required.


The Monash Protein Production Unit (MPPU) was started in 2006 to meet the E.coli protein expression and purification needs of various groups within Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Under the guidance of Prof Stephen Bottomley this unit was integrated with, and funded through the ARC Centre of Microbiology Structural Genomics with an additional goal of producing antigens for vaccine trials. As MPPU became more established and the bioplatforms became a stronger vision within Monash University, our services were opened up to both internal and external scientists in need of high quality protein expression and purification methods. In 2009, we moved into state-of-the-art renovated facilities, and we expanded our services to include expression in yeast cells and insect cells. In 2012, we expanded our working model to include imbedded users (Tanya) for the expression and purification of specific membrane binding proteins. At the end of 2013, Prof. Mark Sleeman took over as the Scientific Director of the facility and under his directions a greater emphasis has been on protein expression in mammalian cells.
In 2015, we added protein expression in transient cell lines in suspension and fermentation units were made available to expand stable suspension cell culture. With the addition of a staff member (Kristina Youngs) we have introduced mammalian cell transient transfection services, and the expansion and purification of antibodies from hybridomas and other mammalian cell lines. Currently we offer a range of services that cover from production of the expression plasmids to identifying expression conditions to the biophysical analysis of recombinant proteins.


Mark Sleeman

Scientific Director

61 4 8838 6983


Noelene Quinsey


61 3 9902 0020

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Monday-Friday, 9a-5p  

11 Chancellors Walk, Level 1

Clayton Campus, Monash University

Clayton, Victoria 3800

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Noelene Quinsey
61 3 9902 0019
11 Chancellors Walk, Level 1 Clayton Campus, Monash University Clayton, Victoria 3800

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