Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy

About MCEM

The Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy (MCEM) is a central Monash University Technology Research Platform. It provides an advanced capability in electron microscopy to enable researchers to solve major scientific challenges and is optimised for non-biological and engineering applications. MCEM conducts innovative research in electron microscopy, and provides advanced instrumentation, expertise and training to researchers from across the university, government and industry sectors. A brochure provides a small snapshot of just some of the resulting research impact. MCEM together with the Monash Ramaciotti Centre for Cryo-Electron Microscopy form the Victorian node of Microscopy Australia (formerly AMMRF).

MCEM has a suite of advanced instruments, including a double-aberration-corrected Titan3 80-300kV fitted with pixelated and CMOS detectors for scanning CBED and 4D-STEM. In late 2020, MCEM will receive a next generation S/TEM with outstanding spatial and energy resolution, multiple fast detectors and unique electron-optical elements to optimise performance in S/TEM. In addition, MCEM has 1 other FEGTEM, 1 TEM, 3 FEG-SEMs and a FIB/ESEM plus a range of supporting computing, software and specimen preparation equipment.


Hours of Operation and Location


Facility Hours: Business Hours 9:00am - 5:00pm, After Hours all other times that the Univerity is open

Staffed Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm, during normal University working days

Location: 10 Innovation Walk, Monash University, Clayton Campus, Victoria, 3800


Links and Resources

  1. Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy Website

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MCEM General Enquiries

+61 3 990 55563

Dr Peter Miller
Manager MCEM
+61 3 990 55291
Room G06