Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Overview of Services

Materials engineers make a unique contribution – not just by making new materials, but also by improving what we already have. Here at Monash, our graduates and researchers are making things stronger, lighter, more functional, more sustainable and more cost-effective. Their contributions underpin all aspects of engineering, manufacturing and health sciences. Not surprisingly – they’re increasingly in demand.



Getting Started

To start working with us:

1. Register for an iLab account using your Monash credentials (one time registration)

2. Take the New Horizons building induction here


You can then;



Neil Cameron
Head of Department


Ian Wheeler

Department Manager                     

John Forsythe
Safety Officer


Daniel Curtis

Chief Technical Officer


Location and hours of operation

Business Hours Location

 Monday - Friday                  
8am - 6pm


24/7 access for Trained Users             

 20 Research Way,
Clayton VIC 3800

Links and Resources

  1. Department Website Home Page
  2. S.A.R.A.H.
  3. Chemwatch


Name Role Phone Email Location
Ian Wheeler
Department Manager
+61 3 990 50001
Room 106, Building 69, 22 Alliance Lane
Daniel Curtis
Chief Tech Officer
0425 778 490
Room 110, Building 69, 22 Alliance Lane
Enrico Seemann
Senior Tech Officer
0438 804 590
Room 110, Building 69, 22 Alliance Lane
Tobias Orchard
Tech Officer
0413 708 453
Room 110, Building 69, 22 Alliance Lane
Jono Wilson
Tech Officer
0407 440 997
Room 110, Building 69, 22 Alliance Lane
Trina Majumdar
Tech Officer
0427 482 922
Room 112, Building 69, 22 Alliance Lane