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The Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) Infrastructure Team support day-to-day operations of our facilities and equipment
We are located at the Clayton Campus of Monash University. 

The team attends to a range of issues including: 

  • equipment breakdown & servicing
  • issues with building services such as reticulated gases, RO water system, electrical supply
  • relocation of equipment within the footprint
  • removal and disposal of unwanted equipment
  • assistance and coordinating small refurbishments of lab spaces
  • building access for new staff/students
  • confidential waste bins
  • issues with PC2 waste
  • queries regarding the BDI Laundry service

Log your request with the team and we'll be in touch.

NOTE: if your matter is out-of-hours and critically urgent, please ring University Security (9905 3333).  They will be able to liaise with the Emergency Services Officer on duty.  
For urgent POLICE, FIRE, AMBULANCE help, call 000


Guiding Principles for RSP fund allocation: 

  • The equipment is to be available for any BDI researcher to use, pending appropriate training and/or other booking requirements.
  • The equipment will be added to a database of equipment across the BDI which will be accessible to all researchers, to enable them to identify equipment which may be useful in their research which they can book for use accordingly.
  • The equipment will be labelled as a general use item.

New Initiative for BDI: 80% (v/v) ETHANOL FOR CLEANING

80% (v/v) ethanol is widely used across our laboratories for cleaning and disinfection purposes, particularly in PC2 laboratories. Each laboratory is currently buying/storing their own ethanol stocks which creates storage (e.g. need for more dangerous goods cabinets) and compliance issues (e.g. cumulative volume of ethanol stored in a local area and possibly exceeding flammable storage limits). Premade 80% v/v (70% w/w) ethanol (low grade) for cleaning can now be ordered through Medicine stores, with BDI to cover the cost for BDI departments. 

Ordering Details:

  • Ajax Finechem Ethanol 70% w/w (80% v/v) LABCHEM 5L plastic container
  • Medicine Stores item, Reorder code:  AJA726-5PL
  • Fund Number M50001-3212144
Important information
  • Only this brand/type of ethanol can be purchased with this BDI fund number. 
  • Laboratories are responsible for ordering via Coupa.
  • This initiative is available to BDI Departments only, not platforms (although platforms can purchase through stores)
  • Trial will be reviewed after 3 month and 6 months (budget & process)
  • Communal laboratory areas are asked to nominate a dangerous goods cabinet to store stock.

Other advantages:

  • Manual handling risk reduced by supplying 5L containers making it easier to dispense
  • Premade 80% ethanol avoids having to dilute ethanol and minimises the risk of chemical spills and splashes 



Name Role Phone Email Location
Renae Hayle
Building Manager
0417 966 995

Eddie Kadir
Deputy Building Manager
0403 280 498

Linda Mason
Deputy Building Manager
0424 403 547

Bonnie Dopheide
Facilities & Infrastructure Manager
0427 542 439

Russell Paulin
Building Manager
0419 713 264

Deepak Dange
Building Manager
0407 805 926

Amy Brymora
Safety & Compliance Manager
0467 430 126

Paul Payne
Building Manager
0439 059 457