Biochemistry Imaging Facility


The Biochemistry Imaging Facility comprises of a number of suites located across the School of Biomedical Sciences specialising in the detection of fluorescence. Some of the main technologies include microscopy, flow cytometry, gel scanning, and microarray detection.

19 Innovation Walk (Bldg 76-G Rms 58-61)

  • Mass Photometry ***NEW*** June 2023

    • ReFeyn 2MP
      • Measuring the mass of single molecules as they land on the measurement surface. To ensure that the landing events are well separated in space and time, it is essential to prepare samples to the appropriate concentration. Mass photometry can be performed with sample concentrations ranging from 100 pM to 100 nM, and the optimal concentration range for biomolecules is 5 – 20 nM
      • saves CryoEM time
      • provides directly information on all individual sub-species in the sample by single molecule counting rather than collect an ensemble signal from a large number of molecules in the measurement volume
  • Microscopy

    • Nikon TU2000E inverted microscope

      • Fluorescence & Brightfield with phase contrast

      • Image capture (not available as yet, in upgrade mode)

      • Blue, Green, UV fluorescent filters

      • Plan Fluor 4X/0.13 PhL DL, Plan Fluor 10X/0.30 Ph1 DL, Plan Fluor ELWD 20X/0.45, Plan Fluor ELWD 40X/0.60, Plan Fluor 100X/1.30 oil Ph3 DLL)

    • Nikon TU2000E inverted microscope

      • Brightfield with phase contrast

      • Image capture with Nikon digital color camera (non fluorescent stains)

      • Plan Fluor 4X/0.13 PhL DL, Plan Fluor 10X/0.30 Ph1 DL, Plan Fluor ELWD 20X/0.45, Plan Fluor ELWD 40X/0.60, Plan Fluor 100X/1.30 oil Ph3 DLL)

    • Olympus IX71 inverted microscope

        • Fluorescence & Brightfield with phase contrast

        • with Eppendorf Microinjection system & Heating stage

        • Image capture (not available as yet, in upgrade mode, ready end of 2022)

        • Fluorescent filter cubes U-MNIBA3, U-MNIBA2, U-MWG2, U-MWIY2, U-MNUA2 Olympus fluorescence filter cubes specs

        • UPlanApo 4X/0.16, CPlanFl 10X/0.30, LUCPlanFl 20X/0.40 RC2 ∞/  ,  LUCPlanFl 40X/0.60 RC3,


  • Flow Cytometry

    • CytoFLEX LX V5-B3-Y5-R3   *new* online June 2022
        • resolution on 488nm laser side scatter <300nm  &  on 405nm laser side scatter <80nm, with 3% rCV
        • lasers
        • single & plate loader configuration



  • Gel/blots/slides/Xray films scanning

    • UVP, UViTec, Biorad (simple gel documentation;  gel red, sybr safe, EtBr, etc )
    • Biorad ChemiTouch (Chemiluminescence imaging, replacing X-ray developers)
    • GE Healthcare Typhoon5 4 laser LD488, SHG532, LD635, LD685, LD785 (Fluorescence & Radioisotoes/Phosphorimaging, gel band analysis Densitometry)


  • Plate readers

    • BMG Pherastar FS (Absorbance, Luminescence, Fluorescence-filter based) (Anisotropy, HTRF, AlphaLisa, AlphaScreen, FRET, BRET etc)  instrument specs & info
    • BMG Omega (Absorbance, Luminescence, Fluorescence-filter based)




  • Spectrophotometers

    • IMPEN-80 (single channel with cuvette) *new* online  in June 2022
    • Nanodrop1000 (single channel)  instrument specs & info *phasing out by end of June 2022*


  • Automated Electrophoresis

    • QIAxcel 96well plate format


  • Liquid Handling

    • QIAgility


  • DNA/RNA high throughput extractions

    • QIAcube 96well format


  • Frozen Tissue Sectioning

    • Leica Cryostat


  • Cytospin

    • Shandon Cytospin 12 position


  • Software Analysis

    • Image Quant IQTL

    • Image J

    • Image Lab

    • RG6
    • CFX Manager


15 Innovation Walk (Building 75-L2 & -L3) Imaging Facility-Biochemistry

  • Plate Readers- BMG Optima (Absorbance, Luminescence, Fluorescence) (filter based)

  • Spectrophotometer- Nanodrop1000 (single channel)


39 Rainforest Walk (Bldg 13D-L2 Rms 233 - 238, 201)



Animal Holding facility (Clayton Campus)

  • Biochem in vivo Animal Imaging

    • AMI-HTX (Surgery Suite, animal house)

  • Fluorescent, Bioluminescent, X-Ray Imaging
      • LED Excitation Filters:430nm, 465nm, 500nm, 535nm, 570nm, 605nm, 640nm, 675nm, 710nm and 745nm

      • Emission Filters: 530nm, 570nm, 610nm, 630nm, 650nm, 670nm,  710nm, 750nm, 770nm, 790nm
      • Solid state cooled CCD camera -90C, with back illuminati
      • 40kV X-Ray source
      • FOV (field of view) for Fluorescence and  Bioluminescence  25cm x 15cm
      • FOV for X‐Ray 25 cm x 17 cm
      • XG-8 Anesthesia unit (Isoflurane)
      • Aura Image Analysis software - unlimited free copies

    • AMI-HTX  (QC2 infectious labs, animal house)


Departmental Exclusive equipment

  • Bacterial Shaker Incubators

  • Sonicators
  • High speed and Ultra centrifuges
  • Radiation Laboratory

  • small Gel documentation units



Irene Erini Hatzinisiriou

Imaging Facility Manager (BCH Safety Officer, BCH Radiation Officer, BCH First Aider & Floor Warden)


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Facility Hours: 24/7

Staffed Hours: M - F, 9:00am-5:00pm

After Hours Equipment Emergency txt message to 0419 105 026

Biomedicine Discovery Institute

Dept. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Bldgs: 19 Innovation Walk (Strip76G58-61) & 35 Rainforest Walk (13D233-234) & 15 Innovation Walk (Strip75 L2 & L3)

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Irene Erini Hatzinisiriou
Facility Manager
+61 3 990 29255


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