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The Drone Discovery Platform brings drones together with advanced sensing technologies and smart analytics. Our state-of-the-art sensors and innovative data handling pipelines provide unique interdisciplinary opportunities across sectors including the STEM disciplines and the Arts. Our platform has a national scope to meet the emerging needs of federal and state agencies, to enable industry partnerships and maximise the impact of University research and education. Services include rental of sensors and drones, hire of pilots, data collection (ie development of project, use of drone and sensor with pilot provided, data processing), processing of drone data, management of OHS workflows to ensure all drone operations are University and CASA complient and new pilot training.



Sabrina Sayers
Remote Pilot/ Research Technical Officer

Location and hours of operation

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9am to 5pm EST        


26 Research Way, Monash University       

Links and Resources

  1. https://www.monash.edu/researchinfrastructure/drone


Name Role Phone Email Location
Sabrina Sayers
Research Officer
0414 499 482
Clayton, Monash

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