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Requesting project support. 


All technical support must be booked theough the technical services core



Before accessing and booking any equipment in the civil engineering laboratory you need to have completed.


  1. Student project safety and risk managment.
  2. Civil Engineering Lab Induction.
  3. Task Specific Risk Assessment. (This need to be completed for each test program).


Please complete the Student Project safety and Risk Management Course Then using the request services tab Please request a Lab Induction once your lab induction is complete we will update your I lab profile allowing you to access the laboratory equipment and training booking.  




Rachel James
Dept Manager
9905 6265

John Beadle
Technical  Manager
9905 1165

John Beadle
Senior Materials Testing Officer


Location and hours of operation

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9am - 5pm     

Bulding 37

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Rachel James
Dept Manager
+61 3 990 56265
B60 Level 1 - room 108b
John Beadle
Technical Manager
G73 - room
John Beadle
Senior Materials Testing Officer
Zoltan Csaki
Coordinator Workshop

Mike Leach
Coordinator Geo/OH&S