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For any media prep-related inquiries, please email to bdi-mediaservices@monash.eduOne of our team members will process your request as soon as possible.

Overview of Services

Biomedicine Learning and Teaching Building support all the practical teaching activities in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences. In addition, technical staff at BLTB manage the Microbiology and Tissue Culture media preparation Units located at BLTB and Bldg 77 and supply the microbiology media and tissue culture media for BDI and external research groups. If you have any queries, please contact relevant technical staff or the leadership team.


Dr. Ann Bohte Ann-Maree Jefferis
PhD, Laboratory Manager Laboratory Operations Team Leader
52320 / 0413 390 471 53727 / 0409 424 094

Technical Staff

Dr. Smita Mehta India Barrow Chris Bramich Lina D'Agruma
PhD, Senior Technical Officer Senior Technical Officer Senior Technical Officer Senior Technical Officer
55561   52549 53770 lina.d'
 Dr. Anita Barry Dr. Kylie Wilson Hinal Vekaria Steven Thompson
 PhD, Senior Technical Officer PhD, Senior Technical Officer Technical Officer (Bldg 77 - Media Prep) Technical Officer
 54727 54844 54844 52731
Kushani Weerakoon Barbara Smith Narelle Metcalf Danielle West
Technical Officer Technical Officer Technical Officer Technical Officer
24994 52524 53726

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location




Bld 93,
7, Ancora Imparo Way
Clayton, VICTORIA 3800

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Ann-Maree Jefferis
Laboratory Operations Team Leader
+61 3 990 53727
Dr. Ann Bohte
PhD, Laboratory Manager
+61 3 990 52320