MIPS Imaging and FACS

Overview of Services

A central facility availible to both Monash Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharamaceuitucal Sciences and external staff and students. Offering optical microsocpy imaging, flow cytometry, whole animal imaging, SEM and image analysis. The facility contains all the equipment, support and expertise to image from "mouse to molecule".


Leadership & Staff

Cameron Nowell | Head

Sandy Fung | FACS Manager


Location and hours of operation

Hours   Location

Staffed: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm   

  399 Royal Parade
  Parkville, Vic 3058


Training and Access


All staff and students that require access to the imaging and FACS systems need to complete some preliminary training before being given an instrument specific induction. Once you have completed the required background learning contact Cam about getting an induction.

For all microsocpy access users first need to work through the modules on MyScope linked below. Once complete you need to complete the assesment in the Light and Fluorescence Microscopy part and send Cam a copy of your certificate showing you acheived more than 80%

Microscopy Concepts

Light and Fluorescence Microscopy


These additional recorded presentations may be useful in reinforcing and offering a difernt view of digital imaging and microsopce types

The Digital Image

Microscope and Detector Types


Depending on the instrument you wish to have an induciton on there is a range of other prep videos to watch

Leica Confocal

Leica SP8 Confocal and LIGHTNING - Software

Leica SP8 Galvo Stages and Live Imaging



Nikon A1R and Widefield - Software


Perkin-Elmer Operetta

Operetta - Software



Remote Access to Analysis Workstations


All image analysis workstations can be accessed remotely through TeamViewer. To get added to our corporate licence for teamviewer go to www.teamviewer.com and sign up for a free account. Then go here https://login.teamviewer.com/cmd/joincompany  and Cameron's monash email address (cameron.nowell@monash.edu) to join the company.  Let Cam know once you have done it as TeamViewer doesn't always notify him. Once added you can use the TeamViewer client to access the systems from any internet connection, including from home.


Name Role Phone Email Location
Cameron Nowell
Parkville - 5.519