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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering iLab Core

To Request for Technical Services in the Mechanical Workshop or the Electronics workshop are through the Faculty of Engineering Core

In this Core you are able to:

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  • MAE VW Dual Cab vehicle
  • Autoclave
  • Forklift
  • Metallography Lab

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  • MAE VW Dual Cab vehicle
  • Autoclave

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Equipment Available is:

    • POWERMET is an automatic cut-off machine. This self contained, floor standing model features a 100 mm cutting capacity, light alloy chassis, "T" slot table, twin vises, 7.5 HP motor, triple "V" belt drive, pivoted cutting assembly, counter-balanced hood, servo-controlled hydropneumatic cutting system, recirculating coolant system, control module, tools, operating manual and an assortment of cutting wheels.
    • Labotom is a simple-to-use and powerful table-top cutting machine that can handle a wide range of workpiece shapes, sizes, complexities and materials. Sturdy and reliable, it ensures maximum uptime and can be used by any operator to section workpieces quickly and efficiently, with minimal training. The fixed cooling nozzles improves cutting quality and reduces the risk of operator error.
    • The KNUTH-ROTOR-3 is a two disk, single speed machine with 300 rpm. This Machine can be used for manual grinding on either disc.
    • STRUERS LABOPOL-1 is the single speed basic version in the LaboPol series. The 250 rpm speed is appropriate for fine polishing.
    • STRUERS LABOPOL-1 is the single speed basic version in the LaboPol series. The 250 rpm speed is appropriate for fine polishing.
    • STRUERS DAP-7 is a two speed polisher, 125/250 rpm.
  • LECO VC-50
    • LECO VC-50 is a precision sectioning saw that is designed for cutting various types of materials with minimal deformation. This low speed precision cutter is targeted for delicate parts by only using gravity fed force.
    • Low speed sectioning tool capable of cutting virtually any material including brittle or ductile metals, composites, cements, laminates, plastics, electronic devices and biomaterials.
    • STRUERS PRONTOPRESS-20 is an advanced mounting press with multi-program memory function and programmable cycle options to optimize process parameters for metallurgical mounting procedure.
    • MATSUZAWA DVK-1S is a microhardness tester. It is available with a manual XY-stage and with an overview microscope. MATSUZAWA DVK-1S comes with load range; 1.0 kgf – 30.0 kgf.
    • UNITED TRUE-BLUE ROCKWELL is a completely computerized system designed to perform Rockwell hardness testing on various metallic materials in accordance with ASTM E 18 and on various plastics and electrical insulation materials in accordance with ASTM D-785.
    • OLYMPUS BX60 used a novel Y-shaped design for the microscope body. OLYMPUS BX60 featured superior operability, excellent rigidity, and first-class optical performance. A wide range of accessories was also available to expand the range of possible observations.

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