Monash BDI Organoid Program

Overview of Services

At the Monash BDI Organoid Program, we facilitate the development and analysis of organoids to tackle the big questions in biomedical research.

Our program provides expert service, advice, training, facilities, and reagents to assist researchers in utilising both human and mouse organoid technology in their research.

We have a large living bio-resource comprised of various healthy and diseased human organoid models that are used for cancer research, and other studies.

The program is led by highly qualified researchers and expert technical staff. We work closely with innovative clinicians, multi-disciplinary researchers, and other state of the art research platforms to achieve our outcomes.

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Our Team

Director: Dr Thierry Jarde

Manager: Dr Genevieve Kerr

Senior Research Officer: Dr Eglantine Balland


Location and Hours of Operation

Location: Level 3, 19 Innovation Walk (Building 76), Monash University, Clayton, VIC, 3800

Staffed Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm


Links and Resources

  1. Organoid Program Website
  2. Twitter


Name Role Phone Email Location
Genevieve Kerr
+61 3 9902 9114
Room 317, Level 3, 19 Innovation Walk (Building 76), Monash Uni, Clayton Campus