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Access Monash Technology Research Platforms

We have started to transition access of all our Technology Research Platforms to a new Platform Booking System (Agilent iLab).

If you are a Monash Employee or Student you are able to use your Monash authentication to log in. 

**** If you are an employee or student working at the HUDSON INSTITUTE please sign up or login via the Monash tab but please use your HUDSON EMAIL ADDRESS to login. This is important to avoid getting a login error ****

If you are from an external academic institution you are able to log in using the Australian Access Federation (AAF); or create a local iLab account.

If you are from an external commercial organisation, please sign up for a local iLab account and then you will be able to request access to all the different Monash Technology Research Platforms.

If you have any queries related to either access to this system or you aren't sure which platform may have the right solution for you - please send us an email 




iLab Cores at Monash University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Monash iLab Support

Mahyar Nasabi 99029362
Biochemistry Imaging Facility

Irene Erini Hatzinisiriou
Biomedical Discovery Institute (BDI)

Cheryl Roberts 0407 502 068
Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building

Dr. Pamu Kularathna 59293/0412783544
Central Clinical School

Bonnie Dopheide 0427 542 439
Department of Chemical Engineering

Anthony De Girolamo 03 9905 1095
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Ian Wheeler 50001

Andrew Fryga 9902 0266
FlowCore MHTP

Michael Thomson 8572 2494
HMSTrust Analytical Laboratory

Nicole McMillan 03 9903 9558
Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC)

Tri-Hung Nguyen (03) 99039299
Micromon Genomics

Mark Cauchi 9905 4830
Monash Analytical Platform

Dr. George Khairallah 99054515
Monash Animal Research Platform

Client Services Unit 61 3 990-20220
Monash Antibody Technologies Facility

Monash Antibody Technologies Facility 61 (3) 9905 8906
Monash Bioinformatics Platform

David Powell 9902 9150
Monash Biomedical Imaging

MBI Enquiries 61399050100
Monash Biomedical Proteomics Facility

Ralf Schittenhelm 99054324
Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing

Tom Jarvis
Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy

MCEM General Enquiries
Monash Genome Modification Platform (MGMP)

Peta Burns 61 3 9902 4047
Monash Histology Platform

Ms Camilla Cohen +61 3 990-52740
Monash Macromolecular Crystallisation Facility

Danuta Maksel, Geoffrey Kong 99059777
Monash Metabolic Phenotyping Facility

Joel Eliades +61 3 9905 1653
Monash Micro Imaging - ARA

Stephen Cody 03 9903 0142
Monash Micro Imaging - Clayton

Stephen Firth 03-99020877
Monash Micro Imaging - MHTP

Dr. Sarah Creed +61 3 8572 2816
Monash University Accident Research Centre

Peggy Hum-Teo 61 3 9905 1853
Monash X-Ray Platform (MXP)

James Griffith 03 99052783
Ramaciotti Centre for Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Margaret Rzeszutek 99020878
School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health

Clare Westhorpe 857 22583

non-iLab Cores at Monash University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Monash Instrumentation Facility

The Monash Instrumentation Facility is an ISO 9001 certified technical workshop providing custom built scientific equipment, experimental apparatus and teaching aids to support University researchers, academics and laboratory staff.

Anthony Hunter +61 3 9905 0500
Wind Tunnel Facility

The Monash University Wind Tunnel Facility has a broad range of aerodynamics testing capabilities. The tunnel is used for vehicle development in the areas of aerodynamic, aeroacoustic and cooling analysis in both road and racing car design. Other testing areas include airplane, UAV and micro UAV, truck, train, building, cycling, yachting and various other aerodynamic tests. The facility is available for industry, research and student use.

David Burton +61 3 9905 5865
Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation

The Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation (CDCO) is a collaborative research centre that provides expertise and infrastructure in ADME lead optimisation to multidisciplinary drug discovery teams for improved compound design, selection and progression​.

Andrew Powell + 61 3 9903 9149
Monash Fragment Platform

The Monash Fragment Platform MFP provides academic and commercial researchers with access to fragment-based drug discovery technologies for their therapeutic targets. The facilities are located at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences – Australia’s largest and most successful pharmaceutical institute.

Martin Scanlon +61 (3) 9903 9540

The Multi-modal Australian ScienceS Imaging and Visualisation Environment (MASSIVE) is Australia’s specialised high performance computing facility for imaging and visualisation. MASSIVE provides hardware, software and expertise to drive research in biomedical sciences, materials research, engineering and geosciences – with particular focus on neuroscience and molecular imaging.

Wojtek Goscinski +61 (3) 9902 4845
eResearch Centre

Enabling and Accelerating 21st Century Discovery at Monash University and beyond, through the application of advanced computing, data informatics, tools and infrastructure, delivered at scale, and built with a co-design principle between researchers and technologists.

Paul Bonnington +61 3 9905 9704

The ARMI AquaCore facility is the largest zebrafish facility of its kind in the southern hemisphere, consisting of 1000 quarantine tanks and 5200 main facility tanks (non quarantine). It houses genetically modified and mutant strains of zebrafish to model a variety of human diseases and conditions. Additional services include a sperm freezing and rederivation service for any long term storage requirements. AquaCore is also currently running a pilot system to house axolotl and shark embryos for research, with the intention of developing larger scale facilities in the future.

Jan Kaslin +61 (3) 990 29613
Moot Court

Located at the ground level and main entry point of the Law Building at Clayton Campus, the moot court is a contemporary and welcoming student-centred learning environment. It has a capacity of up to 90 people, as well as extended audience viewing capabilities beyond the immediate gallery.

Anthony Merrilees Anthony Merrilees